Saturday, December 8, 2007

song to be

Here are the words to a song that will be recorded on the next Sealed album. Thanks to Rachel for making it actual poetry instead of just random words.

The poem starts in Isaiah 6, then moves on to the cross of Christ and His defeat of sin and death, and, finally, to the joy that salvation brings to my heart.

As robes do fill the temple
The seraphs there who fly
Sing "holy, holy, holy"
And cover feet and eyes

For He is wholly other
The Holy God on high
Enthroned in light, majestic
A bloody sacrifice

For bleeding, hung in anguish
Our sin, our shame He bore
And life, by Adam curs'ed
Is new, by death made sure

Now free, this grace redeemeth
The basest of the beasts
Alone we are but sinners
Yet He brings high the least

O joy, for my salvation
My wand'ring heart it stays
Not fleeting, this emotion
But true and holy praise

Each morn now filled with singing
Each night with endless praise
For ev'ry joy and glory
Your loving cross displays


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Laura said...

Oh, I guess I forgot to ask you if it was alright to link to your blog... anyways, nice work and keep it up!