Sunday, September 9, 2007

another sunday

twas a good night, i think. the middle schoolers were unruly and out of control...which is to be expected. we talked about God's glory.
the high schoolers, as far as i could tell, were actually listening to the things i was saying. i talked about the glory of God as shown in the first chapter of Romans. after the first hour, i asked everyone to stick around and hang out...and they did, for a 1/2 hour. that to me, is encouraging. it was a bit halted at first, but after awhile they really started having a good time being in fellowship with one another.

i've decided that i'm going to take the high schoolers through romans, the basics of the faith are found spelled within its bounds. call me crazy, but i love that book.

the middle schoolers are going to be taking a journey through the OT, getting to understand the greatness of God in the story of mankind. they can only handle short stories. so, i'm thinking of doubling up next week instead of having a set 'lesson' time, i might just sprinkle a couple of stories throughout the evening instead.

i'm feeling pretty good about things. i pray that God would continue to encourage my heart and open both mine and theirs to His truth.


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