Sunday, September 16, 2007


rachel had a post today about race...
i can't listen to the video right now because my computer doesn't have a sound card, but i imagine that it will be good when I do listen.
---edit at 10:15 sept. 17---
i listened to the video. my heart broke. may God heal our land. it is broken as well.
---end edit---

rachel, you should glance at my blog a few days ago on race in Scripture
there has been a bit of chatter on various blogs, (mark dever and 9 marks among them, on race and its problems within the church. i'm pretty naive when it comes to race issues. i've never had issues with anyone over the color of their skin, but...i don't really know very many folks who are racially different than me. most of those that have a different color skin have the same basic cultural background..middle class america.
i think, after reading the stuff below, as well as some other stuff awhile back that i can't find at the moment, that there is, indeed, a huge deficit in the church regarding race. i highly recommend reading through these pastors and friends respond to the question of race in the church.

here's some articles and posts for thought. i'd welcome feedback on this post as well.
email exchange between Jonathan Leeman and Thabiti Anyabwile
forum of pastors on race
john piper on topic...this dude knows practically everything.
anyabwile on some more things


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