Thursday, September 13, 2007

the good ol' us of a

we hear it all the time...this country is a Christian nation. we were founded on Godly principles. well, i think i'm going to have to agree with aw pink and his analysis of the Scriptures that those who are proud will be made humble and those who are weak, made strong when he says:
"So it is today: at the present rates of increase, it will not be long before it is manifested that he Lord has more in despised China who are really His, than He has in the highly favored U.S.A.; more among the uncivilized blacks of Africa, than He has in cultured Germany! And the purpose of God's choice, the raison d'etre of the selection He has made is, "that no flesh should glory in His presence"--there being nothing whatever in the objects of His choice which should entitle them to His special favors, then, all the praise will be freely ascribed to the exceeding riches of His manifold grace."

pink, it should be noted, is not saying that china or africa are any worse than the US or germany, but that many think they are inferior compared to the western world. God, however, knows the hearts of men...and knows that we, as americans and europeans, are haughty and proud. what better way to humble us than to save those that we often think of as inferior. and what greater gift could be theirs than the salvation of their souls.


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