Monday, September 10, 2007

new attitude

i've been reading many of the blogs over at new attitude which have been really challenging and good to read. josh harris and many others have been really hammering down what i think is at the heart of what i hope to someday be doing full-time. to teach truth in humility is what my goal is, but to quote harris on his latest "Sometimes I'm lazy about truth. I'd rather veg. Other times I'm passionate, but my passion is driven more by my own ambition than awe before God. I want to smack somebody down. I'm not being a truth-lover, I'm being a punk. And in light of how little I actually know that's pretty sorry. So I'm interested in talking about and writing about humble orthodoxy because I need it."

i've been a punk quite a few times over the years. sometimes a truth-lover, sometimes lazy and sometimes a punk. that's me in a nutshell. it's probably all of us. we should strive more and more to be humble in our teachings, but to teach orthodox beliefs in that humbleness. i'll probably end up being a punk many more times over the years, but truly...i desire humble orthodoxy.


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