Monday, September 17, 2007

the painter and the cross

i don't know anything about E.J. Carnell...but I will say that his analogy of a painter genius makes so much sense in the light of true worship.
from Christian Commitment p. 222

"The paradox can perhaps be illustrated by a painter who deliberately tries to become great. Unless he strives, he will never be an artist at all, let alone a great artist. But since h makes genius a deliberate goal of striving, he proves that he is not, and never will be, a genius. A master artist is great without trying to be great. His abilities unfold like the petals of a rose before the sun. Genius is a gift of God. It is a fruit, not a work.
So is worship!"

whew. deep. loving it.

in light of that, set your affection on Jesus on the cross. the suffering. the anguish. the pain. the love. the justice. the beauty.

be joyful in it. God is glorified in the death of His son by bringing many into righteousness.

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