Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Albert Mohler, the current president of the Southern Baptist Seminary, had a good blog today about reading. (He reads several books a week...and I thought I was doing good with a couple a month). His main points, summarized:

1. Read in several different genres, and do so with regularity.
2. Read major parts of Scripture (in addition to devotional study).
3. Read the entire works of some authors (my suggestions: luther, edwards, spurgeon, piper)
4. Read some big sets of works (this is somewhat linked to point 3)
5. Read some fun books
6. Write in your books (i am very lacking in this...i never write in books)
point 7, if I can attempt to add one to Mohler's to read good blogs Mohler's, and Justin Taylors and the desiring God blog.

Currently on my reading table: Desiring God - Piper, Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womahood - Piper & Grudem, The Sovereignty of God - Pink, Bondage of the Will - Luther
In Scripture: Romans, Jeremiah, Psalm 25, 1 Samuel
In blogs: too many to list

What are you reading lately? Has it inspired you to draw closer to our Lord and Savior? Has Scripture challenged you to become more Christlike?

We should all be spending more time with our nose in a book rather than elsewhere, where little is accomplished in sharpening our minds. No tv at Rob's place (well, except for the daily watching of Talladega Nights) has been good for dedication to reading, both online and off.


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