Sunday, September 16, 2007

romans 2

tonight at senior high youth, after an amazing time roller skating in logansport...we talked about the first 16 verses of romans 2.

we talked about mankind as a whole, how they are guilty before God with or without the law. then we got more specific, talking about how each of us is guilty before God. that our works will be held up in light of what we know. that this is a joy, not a burden, because knowing God and knowing more of the law actaully brings us joy on this earth. so each day we should seek to know more of the law so we can better walk as Christ did.

we also talked about suicide, whether or not a person can be saved who has ended their own life.
we talked about war, whether or not they are just, whether or not we should fight if called.

since both of those are pretty big topics, i'll be working on them at another point in time, maybe never. it was a good discussion tonight, though.

the rest of romans 2 for next week. read it. think about it. know it. live it. rejoice in it.


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rachel said...

i heard what you said about me. russ ratted you out.

hyper-calvinst?! i mean, really?! you better clarify that, brotha.