Thursday, September 6, 2007

a week and some hymns

well, i finished up my first full week as a youth and music minister. good times.

do you think using Judges 3 was a bad idea for the first lesson for my middle schoolers? They seemed to love it.


i've been spending some time reading some hymns this week...some of them are truly amazing. here's a few lines from some favorites:

Gracious Invitation by CM Humphreys
Come, guilty souls, and flee away
To Christ, and heal your wounds;
This is the welcome gospel-day
Wherein free grace abounds.

God loved the church, and gave his Son
To drink the cup of wrath;
And Jesus says he'll cast out none
That come to him by faith.

Election Excludes Boasting by CM Watts
Nature has all its glories lost,
when brought before his throne;
No flesh shall in his presence boast,
But in the Lord alone.

Dead to the Law
Thanks be to my Head, the great King of kings,
My life from the dead, the death of my sins;
Who took all my woes, and was made sin for me;
Who died, and who rose, and from sin set me free.

His Spirit he sent, to soften my heart;
The old veil to rend, and life to impart;
To bring me from darkness to light in the Lord,
And kill me to Moses, to sin, and the world.

Thus I, through the law, dead to the law am,
Yet married am I to Jesus the Lamb!
This union is sealed, all heaven's agreed;
From sin and from Moses I henceforth am freed.

My soul, then, rejoice; let Christ be thy song;
With heart and with voice, with lip and with tongue,
Before men or angels, sing, Worthy's the Lamb
Of unceasing praises, for ever. Amen.



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