Tuesday, September 25, 2007

great article

I just read another great article at Sola Dei Gloria by PJ Miller. Here he writes of discernment. It is a great article and well worth the read, talking of the witness of believers and those who are 'respectable' in the faith and how we should always seek to test our own interpretations against those already established by the church for the last 2000 years.

One point of interest to me (although the whole essay was helpful) was a specific verse quote from John 5:31-39. There is a popular theory floating about (popular among those advancing the modern-day Rabbi) that Jesus testimony was confirmed by TWO, those being John the Baptist and God the Father. The claim is that for someone to be considered a rabbi they must receive that authority from two who give them the right. (I forget the Hebrew word that is used, shmirka? maybe). Here, in this passage, we see that Jesus was not affirmed by two, but by four. He lists them as John the Baptist, His works, the Father and the Scriptures. If Jesus only needed two, then why does He list four? Just a thought.


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